Ход работ по проекту Digital CASA

Progress on the Digital CASA project

03:57 20.09.2023

  Kyrgyztelecom OJSC is implementing the project "Digital CASA", which is important for the republic and financed by the World Bank. To date, construction works on suspension of fiber-optic communication line on the first stage of the project throughout Kyrgyzstan have been completed.

   It should be noted that more than 216 km have been laid in Chui region, 190 km in Osh rehion, more than 118 km in Naryn region, 24 km in Jalal-Abad oblast and 30 km in Batken oblast. At the moment, the length of fiber-optic communication lines is more than 644 km.

  "Digital CASA" is a key infrastructure project and an important stage in the digitalization of the Kyrgyz Republic. It is planned to connect to broadband Internet more than 4 thousand points, which includes most of the state institutions such as hospitals, educational institutions, etc.

    Currently, OJSC "Kyrgyztelecom" has already connected 374 points to high-speed Internet in 60 settlements throughout the country as a result of the first stage of the D-CASA project. Now works on the second stage are being actively carried out.

    By the end of 2024, it is planned to connect a total of 213 settlements and 1424 social facilities to fiber-optic Internet.

   For the realization of the Digital-CASA project, a total of 30 backbone nodes on DWDM technology are planned. Equipment for this purpose arrived in Kyrgyzstan on September 8, 2023.

   The total project costs including VAT and other costs (technical/authoring supervision, transportation, expertise, etc.) amounted to $23,947,624.68 USD