Построен резервный канал Бишкек - Талас

The Bishkek-Talas backup channel was constructed

17:22 29.11.2023

  OJSC "Kyrgyztkelecom", a leader in telecommunications, announces the completion of construction of a backup fiber optic channel connecting Bishkek and Talas. The backup fiber optic channel will be a key element in ensuring uninterrupted access to the Internet and telecommunication services in the region. In the event of a break or damage to the main cable, the new infrastructure will provide an automatic switch to the backup channel, eliminating interruption of communication and preserving access to the Internet for residents and businesses in Talas.

  The construction of this channel is a part of the global strategy of OJSC "Kyrgyztelecom"  to improve the sustainability and reliability of telecommunications services in Kyrgyzstan. The project was implemented using modern technologies and materials, ensuring high data transmission speed and signal stability.